Wednesday, 30 August 2017

recount to best holiday ever

One day me and my friend leone  were going to wellington on to my grandpa house for one day at two in the morning we got all the stuff we needed then we headed of to the plain to get ready to go to wellington.

Once we got to wellington wants we got there I needed to blow my  nose then I got my bag and got the toilet paper out of my bag and blew my nose.

Once me and leone got to my grandpa’s  house we ask if he had internet and he said yes so Me and leone went up stairs and got our room ready for that night.

After me and leone got out room ready we sit up my ps4  and we played call of duty and I made a fart gun and shot it at leone face.

Then me and leone got ready to go sleep and then we hade to go home in the morning.
The end.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Ash Game of awesome creative writing

Once upon a time me and my sibling where going to the beach on a sunny day. But then we so a pirate ship and there was real pirates on the ship the pirates fear was sharks.

But then we so a griffin and we ask if we could ride it and the griffin said yes.But then we so a pirate betray his own team and headed this way to kill us .

But then the griffin gave a suite of armour and it fillet like Destruction but then I so a big gun next to me and I picked it up and aim it right a the pirate ship and fired it then we lived happy every after.