Friday, 24 March 2017

all about kiwis

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Kiwis are also come out at night time and they are not harm for.

Kiwis facts
1: Kiwis have are big long nose they are herry as will and it  looks like it has some brown on it .
Facts 2: kiwi like to eat a lot of worms and  it likes to travel a round quite

week 7 all about kiwis 2017 team 4 year 6

Thursday, 16 March 2017

writing abotu camp

Hi my name is Ash we all hade fun even if was raining and windy .

In the morning we all hade to get there before 8:30 and Mr S  gave us a acitivities
My acitivities .

My favourity highlights were Get Lost,  eating and sleeping.
The reason why I like about the get lost becasue we had to look aroud and find some clouse
And I like eating because there is a lots of good food and the reason I like sleeping is because they  kurtase slapet me up.

Thank you Mrs Squirs for puting up our tests  and thanks all of the teacher and our parrent.'

I learned that you can have some fun on your own time note on your teachers time.