Thursday, 17 August 2017

Ash Game of awesome creative writing

Once upon a time me and my sibling where going to the beach on a sunny day. But then we so a pirate ship and there was real pirates on the ship the pirates fear was sharks.

But then we so a griffin and we ask if we could ride it and the griffin said yes.But then we so a pirate betray his own team and headed this way to kill us .

But then the griffin gave a suite of armour and it fillet like Destruction but then I so a big gun next to me and I picked it up and aim it right a the pirate ship and fired it then we lived happy every after.

Friday, 7 July 2017

Tech Expo

On Thursday Team four went over to team five and we had to get split up into two. I went with troy the first Technology was a table it was mad by team Five on the bottum it was diffrent then the tables we all use. The best technology I so was Basketball hope.

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Word Investigation


A sports or arts article

Longest ski jump ever

A word you don’t know and have to guess its meaning

I think it is that you are smart at math writing and reading
A story you think is important

Kiwi breaks bungy jump record

An article that made you laugh

How to make a fidget spinner

A national story

Secret stash of gold found locked in safe

They found gold

An article that has something to do with the government

What is the Government Budget

The groverment is rich

An article with a cool picture
He plays rugby sevens
An article from the world section

Attack at Ariana Grande Manchester concer

An article for the odd stuff section

Ring brought for $18 at car-boot sale worth $650,000

An interesting word

An article you think is interesting

School reports are a waste of time.

An article about an animal

Animals pull funny faces

The best first sentence

Last week Prime Minster John Key shocked New Zealand by resigning.

An article that would benefit from a graph or chart and why?

Colourful slum now tourist attraction

An article written by a student

Student Poll – John Key resigns as Prime Minister

An article about a famous person

Tom Cruise heading to New Zealand to film Mission Impossible 6

Thursday, 25 May 2017


All of team four went to swimming after the holidays.OnTuesday

We had to walk to the GI pool. We had three weeks of swimming. Their was three instructor. Their names where Kat ,Jed .Jess.

What I learned about being safe is that you can not jump in a lake unless  a life gard jumps in and test it out.

I leaned that you can not jump in a pool. You have to put your two hands on the side and jump I .

I feelet happy and next time I swim I want three hour swimming.