Thursday, 11 May 2017

Ash and kurtas story stuck on a island

It was a stormy day and me and my friends Hercules and Bear Grylls were in a plane  going to London but it was so rainy every one looked out side and the clouds.Were dark as like the sky suddenly the lightning stroked at us and it toke the planes wings off and everyone was shouting mayday mayday our planes wing came off every one was so loud sudently we crashed. No one survived the crash but Bear Grill and Hercules made it but we were all stuck in the mouldy of no where I baring out my phone and tried to get a signal but their was no signal . So Bear Grills said that we had to try and make.It out of here so we tried to make a boat but it did not work so we went back to the plane and tried to find some stuff that we can use Like a axe and a robe and a knife .So we cut a tree down and toke all the leaves off and made our beds out of leaves And a made a soft polo we tried again but we had a no there idea and then we made something called prehistoric craft and then all of us went on it and got our beds and but on our prehistoric craft and then we all made it all out a live.
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  1. Awesome story Ash! I love that you have Hercules in your story! Good idea trying to get signal!

  2. Hey Ash awesome story i love it because it is a good story and you are trying to get awesome bye bye