Wednesday, 27 August 2014


My name is  ASH and I am reporting on a sport called EQUESTRIAN .

Athletes are competing in this sport at the 2014  YOUTH olympics.

They compete to win medals for their country.

There are 3 kinds of medals gold, silver, bronze.

I think this sport is amazing because:

1.) The athletes get to ride horses!
2.) The horses are really fast.
3.) The horses do really high jumps.


  1. Such wonderful writing Ash! I am so proud of your effort this morning! WOOHOO! Well done you! :)
    Miss Thompson

  2. Hi Ash My name is Tihi And I left A coment Here to tell you that You Are A brainy little kid And smart I like your story about EQUESTRIAN I like how you writ how you tolled us About The game It sounds pretty cool